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 Our Commitment

Our Commitment to all Non Profit and Charities

Governance and Compliance


Non Profit Specialists are dedicated to fostering a harmonious relationship between the profit and charity sectors. We understand that charities play a crucial role in addressing societal needs and believe that their effective operation hinges on robust governance and compliance. With an unwavering commitment to both sectors, we aim to bridge the gap between them by ensuring that the charities we register are not only legally compliant but also well governed entities.


Our core mission is to support charities in fulfilling their altruistic objectives while adhering to regulatory requirements. We provide comprehensive registration services that include thorough vetting to ensure that charities and their members are capable, prepared and meet all legal criteria.


As part of our service to clients and our commitment to help enforce all ACNC Governance Standards across the charity sector, we hold multiple Governance and Compliance meetings with our clients during the registration process.


Beyond registration, we offer ongoing guidance, referrals and resources to empower charity leaders and members with the knowledge and tools necessary to run their organisations effectively. Our commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical practices underscores our dedication to building a stronger, more resilient charity sector that can make a meaningful and lasting impact on society.


Non Profit Specialists contribute to the sustainability and success of non profit and charitable organisations in their vital mission to create positive change in our communities. We prioritise the well being of the Australian and international charitable sector by promoting compliance and good governance. As charity founders ourselves, we have expert insight into the sector. Our team have learned a lot along the way in our own philanthropic endeavours, and pass our knowledge and expertise directly to our clients.

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