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Our Mission

We provide clients with a Non Profit registration and legal service. Our team will complete the following steps on your behalf:

Draft the required legal documentation and establish the NFP Company or Trust.
Prepare the charity logo, branding and domain name registration.
Complete the application to register with the ACNC.

Liaise with the ACNC during the registration process on your behalf.
Apply for Deductible Gift Recipient Status with the Australian Taxation Office and other necessary ATO registrations such as GST and Fringe benefits.

Prepare and draft all the necessary policies and procedures for your charity.
Make recommendations to the members on the legal requirements and registrations needed for charities that operate in overseas jurisdictions, and draft policies and procedures for the overseas operations.

Register you with organisations that provide complimentary services and / or products to charities.

Provide referrals to quality IT companies who can streamline the charities internal processes, managed the website, IT, and data security services of your organisation at discounted rates.

Fast track service available.

Why use Non profit specialists

Using non profit specialists instead of an expensive legal firm can have many benefits for your organisation. Here are five of them:

- Non profit specialists understand the context and challenges of the not-for-profit sector, and can provide tailored and appropriate legal advice that suits your needs and goals.

- Non profit specialists can help you access relevant tax concessions, endorsements and registrations, and comply with complex legislation and standards that apply to your organisation.

- Non profit specialists can offer free or affordable legal services, depending on your eligibility and circumstances, which can save you money and resources that can be used for your core activities.

- Non profit specialists can provide holistic legal support for your organisation, covering areas such as contracts, governance, employment, intellectual property, fundraising, property and litigation.

- Non profit specialists can connect you with other not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises, and help you build positive relationships with stakeholders such as funders, regulators and partners.

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