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What our clients say

Outstanding. Truly professional, knowledgeable and dedicated team.

I had spent 20 years in the police force and after retiring, I created a group that needed specialised services to make it a registered charity.  After searching for the best, I found the Non Profit Specialists.


My charity is a unique opportunity to help emergency services personnel and I was lucky enough to have Genevieve Andege as the lead on this.  After the first zoom call, her professional experience, knowledge, compassion for my purpose and understanding of the process shone through and I knew we were in great hands.

It was clear for us they have been doing this for a long time.  Their business brand may be fairly new but Genevieve the technical team in this office have been working in the NFP sector for decades in other firms and businesses.


I cannot give enough stars to the team and Genevieve at Non Profit Specialists.  They literally do go above and beyond to ensure everything is checked and tripled checked, and that you are kept in the loop and aware of what is happening all the way to the end. The process and technical hurdles to get registered and DGR endorsed are a nightmare. They took all the stress and the admin away.


Experienced, reliable, knowledgeable, ethical and honest.  Don't look any further.  They nailed it and are simply amazing.

Nick White 

Founder and Director 

Bellator Fortitudinem Limited

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